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RABIT: A Series of Tools for Gathering, Analyzing and Visualizing Data

Gather, analyze and visualize your research data in a single platform.

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Privacy & Security

International health research standards are implemented in RABIT. RABIT also gives you a set of configurable privacy tools to make sure you can control who has access to your data.

Data Quality

With multiple tools, RABIT can help you gather desired data with maximum quality. You can also customize you study structure and prevent missing and inaccurate data.

Fast Implementation

Designing a research study in RABIT is so simple that you can design research studies in a few hours. Once data is gathered you can create your own data dashboard.

Cost Effective

RABIT is a cost-effective solution for research studies compared to paper-based studies. By using RABIT data gathering and data entry phases happen at the same time.

RABIT Mobile Application (Data Entry)

Online/Offline Mode

RABIT mobile application records and stores your information without connecting to the server and sends the information to your project server as soon as you connect to the Internet. Of course, if you are connected to the Internet, sending information to the server will be instantaneous.


National Questioner Network

Access to skilled workers familiar with the processes of interviewing, collecting and recording information across the country is always a challenge for national projects. By using a national network, we have provided access to these people throughout the country.


Automatic Data Back Up

After completing each form, a backup file is automatically created from the information on your mobile phone. If anything happens during the data gathering process, this backup file can be restored.


Process-oriented with Access Level

Each project is defined in a different unit. All the processes are also can be viewed in the mobile application with complete access levels.

RABIT Features

From Builder

With this form builder, you can design any questions with any complexity in a short period. Multiple question structures like text box, radio group, checkboxes, dropdowns, static matrix, and dynamic matrix are predefined in this system. Data validation, conditions and relation between questions and many other features are developed that you can use to create a comprehensive questionnaire.

Process Management

In many projects, data is gathered through multiple phases. In RABIT you can break the data gathering process into different processes. You can define gathering phases and assign your users.

Access Levels

In many projects data is gathered through multiple users. In RABIT you can group users and assign them different access levels. Access levels include entry, view, edit and so on. For example, in clinical trial studies you can define PI users, data entry users and monitor users. You can customize it per questionnaire.

Data Entry Panel

Users can access to enter data from a different panel. Users can add patients, edit their data and delete them. RABIT data entry panel lets you register cases, events and personal information, track individuals, conduct surveys and capture aggregate data.

Forms Designed
Data Records Gathered
RABIT is a set of tools for data management. In RABIT you can gather, analyze, and visualize data in an integrated and cost-effective structure.